Monday, 8 July 2013

Rest Day - Back to Paris for me.

While the riders are enjoying a day to recover from the effects of the first week of the Tour, I've driven up from Bikestyle HQ at Mazamet in Midi Pyrenees to Paris to meet up with our 38 clients and my 5 staff mates to start the "Provence, Alps to Paris" 14 day trip.

I have spent the last 3 days at Mazamet with a couple of my fellow guides, mainly preparing bikes and equipment for the upcoming tour trips. We loaded our 3 tonne van yesterday and headed out this morning for the 10 hour drive to Paris.

This is a pic I took of the roundabout at the entry to Mazamet this morning as we headed off to Paris.

Apart from cleaning and maintaining bikes, vans and trucks, we managed to do a little bit of riding in the hills around Mazamet.

Here's a pic of our "bike shed".

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  1. well very interesting insight, Pete, sure is big logistics for all weather on bikestyle tour or as actual competitor.
    Such great weather still, such a blessing pray it stays that way! enjoy St Malo and Mt St Michel, this week, two fav spots for me then next week is Annecy and les alpes... wow! take care. Shaz.xx