Saturday, 20 July 2013

Mont Revard and Semnoz Don't Disappoint

Today our tour group took one of our most enjoyable rides of the past two weeks. We rode up from our hotel in Aix les Baines to the penultimate climb at Mont Revard. The weather was brilliant and the roads a little quieter than we've been experiencing, with the exception of the race route sections. The Tour revellers were out early to stake their spot on the road and the wine, beers and picnic hampers were getting a decent work-over by the time we reached Mont Revard.
The selection of pics give you the feel for the scenery and the fans. Have a close look at the elderly couple riding their bikes....he's actually towing his wife up the hill with an inner that's true love :-))
Today's race also provided some real excitement and a shake up of the final podium for the General Classification. It was so god to see Jensie "Shut Up Legs" Voigt tackle the race head on in his own inimitable way, we were all wishing for a fairytale finish for the veteran campaigner but sadly he was  reeled in on Semnoz by the fast finishing podium contenders. As a reward for his efforts, he was awarded the Most Aggressive Rider
What then unfolded was an amazing game of poker and climbing power. Attacks and counter attacks from Quintana, Rodriguez and Froome distanced Contador and Kreuziger, the two big losers on the day. Quintana posted a well-deserved win and second spot on the podium, Rodriguez has continued his strong finish for this year's Tour and has unearthed Contador for the final podium spot.
Tomorrow we jump on the TGV and head to Paris for a twilight finale on the Champs-Élysées. Before the race arrives, we will be taking our tour group for a spin around the cobbles to experience cycling on the Holy Grail.


  1. Was barracking for Jens too Pete, ... was so glad did not hear the results till could watch it this arvo... now watching Qintana receiving the polka-dot really wonderful!!
    Wonderful suspense again what wonderful scenery too brought back lots of memories, so pleased for all for the wonderful weather you have enjoyed.

    .. however wont be able to watch it tonight, too late at 2am, so will see it tomorrow... take care Pete, enjoy France - some French nougat for Di would be good if you see any she loves it, brought her some back, love Shaz.xx

  2. Thanks for the great photos and all the info! I don't get to see the Tour on TV so it's good to have yoour personal reporting and superb photos! Froome seems to be the favourite in the British Newspapers although the headlines keep going on about drugs in the sport. Today is very hot, I wish everyone good luck and hope there are no casulties due to this heat! Take care yourself!