Tuesday, 2 July 2013

3 July - No Posts - Wifi Issues

Apologies for the lack of posts this year, we've had virtually no Wifi connection since arriving a week ago. We had three nights in Vence, above Nice, before heading to Corsica and neither place had workable Wifi. We're now back in Vence for 2 nights and we've found a spot to get Wifi but its very slow. My photos from my iPhone are only trickling through to my iPad, via Photostream on the iCloud, so I think I'll save my proper posts for when I can get a decent Wifi connection.

The last day in Corsica and yesterday's Team Time Trial in Nice were great days for the boys from Orica Greenedge. I got a couple of great pics of them warming up on their trainers in Nice and will post them later. Also got a great pic of Matt Goss on Corsica coming through a roundabout at Corte on Stage 2.

We rode the last 10 km of the course into Calvi on Stage 3, so had a great appreciation of how it might pan out; headwind, uphill from 3km to 2km then two roundabouts to the finish. Unbelievable job by Gerrans to hold off Peter Sagan and Impey, Clarke & Lancaster all did a fantastic job in setting it up.

Have to fly, we have to get the client's bikes ready for a ride to today's start from Cagnes Sur Mur to Marseille.

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  1. ah such is life Pete, enjoy it all, in spite of no wifi..

    .. so trilled last night watching the team time trial it was amazing!!

    .. but bit annoyed SBS coverage did not show them taking off, like most of other teams were shown.

    Really they were superb, like a swift sinuous snake along the route in Nice, a real team!
    hug, Shaz.xx

    Blogger has put word verification back on, Pete..