Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Shack & Europecar crash our party!!

We arrived home at our hotel today to find that Radio Shack and Europecar had set up camp at our hotel in Toulouse. This was a great chance for us to see first hand the support crew behind the riders and the photos below show you everything from the mechanics who clean and maintain the bikes to the mobile kitchens/dining facilities that feed the riders each day.


  1. Hokey smokes ... I hate to think just how much those trucks cost to fit out ... don't you love the beautifully set tables! We called into the Paradise Homes on the Gold Coast the other day and they had a similar one there that took them two years to build ... I think it was commissioned for the Dukar rally event or some such.

    The food sounds absolutely wonderful ... I trust you have the recipe for that galette for a trial run for breaky on the deck next time you are visiting with us!!

    Great photos of Cadel and Cav. Have fun and keep well.

  2. Hi Gumbles, you and Mark are doing a great job on this blog - loving it and smiled at comment above from Arrawarra..really good you can borrow Mark's pickies. I loved his one of the sunflowers too as well as the one of Stuie smiling wryly..
    A good end to leg last night, as it kept you guessing to end on Pyrenees first leg. It will be interesting to see what the terrible Schleck twins get up to tonight. Think Stuart O'Grady might be chief tactician in their camp with his years of experience somehow. Hope Cadel and team are up to the mark. Take care in riding "them there" big hills! Shaz.x