Saturday, 23 July 2011

Crikey special!!

What an incredible couple of days at the TDF, Cadel has done us proud!! His strength to keep himself in the race throughout the Alpine stages and his control and coolness yesterday after the mechanical was the culmination of 5 years of incredible focus and Jim Ochowicz said of his charge, "an absolute professional". We always believed that he could beat the Schlecks by more than a minute in the 42 km TT, but to beat them both by 21/2 minutes was a fantastic result.

World Champion,..... two times TDF runner up and now....finally, the first Australian to win the Tour de France. How special is this guy, a cyclists and athlete at the top of his game....and an Australian. You've gotta love it!!

We're all looking forward to being on the Champs Elysees tomorrow to cheer Cadel by in his yellow jersey and then to accept the winner's trophy.


  1. Wow.....what a day, sipping champagne with the Gaileys, watching the Wallabies beat South Africa at rugby ...then Cadel wears the yellow jersey. Soak up the atmosphere in Paris it should be fantastic.

    The photo album needs a shot of you kissing the Champs Elysee again, this time in the cycling gear, Enjoy, love Pen xx

  2. Hi Pen,
    We're taking a ride along the Champs Elysees at 6.30 in the morning so will get a shot for the blog.

  3. Pete - you certainly picked the right year to tour. Now I am even more jealous!

    Awesome pics along the way! Catch you when you are back to hear more.

    James L

  4. I watched the Tour live on TV from Atlanta, GA(as I do every year now that I am retired and can do it) but wished I was back home in France. I bet you were the group who had the yellow sign saying “Crikey Cadel” in green today? I was happy for y’all. I wish that our Thomas Voeckler could have lasted two more days but was surprised that he lasted that long. Cadel was great – immense effort et une r├ęcompense juste (a just reward? He seems to be such a nice fellow - he does Australia proud. It will be a pleasure to see him on the podium. You go there and shout Bravo for me.

  5. What a great year to be there Gumbles. Look forward to a coffee with younext week to hear it all.

  6. Crikey is right ... so glad you were there Pete to see history in the making in the sport you love. Was such a joy to watch Cadel ride with such rhythm and determination in the TT ... even he could not be disappointed not to pip Martin ... what a reward for all his pain and heartache over the last few years in Le Tour. We salute you Cadel. Thank you.

    Have fun in Paris Pete ... what a year to be there. Thanks again for sharing it with us all.

    Now roll on World Cup ... Go Wallabies!! Hey, Pen how 'bout sharing a bit of that champers! Cheers, D&G

  7. Awesome viewing, almost breathtaking at times..could not sleep for ages afterwards so excited!
    All above previous comments have summed so well our feelings in Cadel's marvellous achievement!! Was praying - just little more faster and safe, please! for the 55+ mins all the way through it.. and to be only 7 seconds behind Tony martin was simply awesome.

    Enjoy the early morning ride into beautiful Paris and cheer extra loud for Cadel for us all Gumbles, love from Dad and Rob too, Shaz.xx