Friday, 22 July 2011

Race of Truth - Cadel can do it!!

Well the GC is going right down to the wire and it all hinges on tomorrow's Time Trial in Grenoble. Cadel can win this year's tour with a strong time trial and if he's able to recover from the last two torturous days he should be able to take a minute from the Schlecks to ride past them to the top spot on the podium on Sunday in Paris. As we all know, Cadel CAN time trial. His doctor commented on Twitter last night that Cadel is the best he has seen at recovering and backing up day after day and that he wouldn't have any trouble repeating his Lauteret to Galibier efforts today. How right he was, despite his mechanical problem early in the race, which forced him back from the breakaway to the peloton, Cadel was able to single-handedly ride himself (and Frank Schleck!!) back to the front of the race. Two days in a row he's had to do all his own work to keep himself in contention and hopefully he'll be able to stump up again in Grenoble to create history for Australian and world cycling. Hopefully he will be able to put all the naysayers to bed, once and for all.


  1. Hi Pete, little confused, when I checked the Blog this morning this update wasn't there, left coomment on the previous one. The last few days in the Alps have been amazing to watch, not only the racing but the scenery as well. Hope for the best for Cadel today, after all his effort he certainly deserves to win the yellow jhersey. It is amazing how many people here at home are talking about this year's Tour. Cadel certainly has the commentators on SBS amazed and on tender hooks. Let's hope for an Australian win tonight and no mechanical dramas. Love Pen xx

  2. Ah was in knots last night watching it, Pete, so pleased he kept with Contador and then when the bike change was required.. I thought (prob not true) wonder who messed with his bike...
    Cadel did so well to make it back taking the lame duck Frank with him, Frank is not up to his brother's form on the mountain, but I have heard that Andy has improved in time trial(?). Am praying that Cadel's team manager who specialises in team trials has been critical in helping him not have the repeat of the last twice when he has been in this situation where it was down to the time trial. Hopefully three times proves it, huh? Go Aussie go! we will all yell for Cadel! Shaz.x

  3. Oh let's hope so Pete! Last night's stage was the most exciting and stressful I have watched in a long time ... all the riders have such unbelievable courage and fitness! And what a course. I just wish they could do something about the spectators on the road ... it must make it so stressful for the riders and I was not at all surprised by Contdor's upper cut!

    Cadel ... you CAN do it!! All Oz is behind you!